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Knife Care


Suggestions for Knife/Scissors Care: abuse the edge, lose the edge


Remember that any time a sharp edge is pressed against a hard surface it will get duller.

Knives naturally get dull through use (even the ones whose hawkers claim they don’t). This can’t be helped. But your knives will stay sharp longer if you just don’t do a few simple things.



A sharp edge cannot contend with anything you don’t really intend to cut.



The same cautions apply to scissors, sorta. I’ve no idea whether the old “don’t cut paper with your sewing scissors” advice is wise. I cut paper AND cloth with my own scissors, and find no reduction in functionality no matter which material I’m cutting. But DO NOT TRY TO CUT ANYTHING HARDER THAN PAPER, CLOTH, or HAIR with scissors. (You can do duct tape as long as you’re willing to de-goo afterward.) Some shears are, of course, designed specially to cut harder materials – sheet metal, wire, chickens, etc.

DO NOT TRY TO PRY, LOOSEN, or GRIP anything with them. These actions can cause damage to the inside surfaces of the blades. If the inside (shearing/mating) edges of the scissors are nicked, dented, or deformed, the scissors often can no longer be rescued or sharpened.