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Knife Care


Prices   (sales tax included)

Knives (household, pocket & hunting) $5.00   (extra for damaged blades)
Scissors (incl. pinking shears) $6.00
Beveled Styling Shears $8.00
Hollow-Ground, Convex Bevel styling shears $15 - $20.00
Surgical scissors $8.00
Industrial Shears $10 - $15   (depending on size, purpose and corrugation)
Mower Blades $5.00   (If you can’t take the blade off, bring me the whole mower – small extra charge)
Machetes and cane knives $6.00 & up   (depending on presenting blade condition)
Shovels $5.00
Pruners $5.00
Hedge Trimmers $7.00
Hoes $3.00
Hatchets/Axes $6.00 & up   (depending upon presenting blade condition)
Handsaws ~ $12.00
Other stuff with edges Talk to me


Hours   (Monday - Friday) and by appointment almost any time

Noon to 6 P.M. (If you get the chance, call before you come just to be sure I won’t be out.)
Phone hours: Noon to 9 P.M.

At this time I do not do sharpening at your site. I don’t pick up and deliver – that would cost you gas and travel expenses.



Cash, checks, and major credit cards.

Call or e-mail with questions. If I have the answer you’ll get it. If I don’t, we’ll try to figure it out. If I can’t I’ll admit it.

I try to offer consistently friendly and fast service - with high quality results. It's almost always possible to get your knife, shear, or other tool sharper than it was when new. If you are ever dissatisfied with the results I provide for you, let me know why and we will reach a resolution.


There are certainly things I’ve forgotten to mention. If you notice one or more, please let me know and I’ll attempt to address them; on the phone, or via e-mail. No tweets or texts.

Contact us at edge-right@cox.net

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